Sun and Scunthorpe

One of the gigs we always look forward to is the beautiful setting of Normanby Country Park just outside Scunthorpe. It’s not exactly a local job for us, but it’s always well supported by the locals, the grounds are lovely and it’s ideal for a pre-gig picnic. Whilst most bands choose to play in front of the hall, our preferred spot is under the big tree on the grass in front of the hall. It means we can get closer to the audience, gives some shade if it’s sunny (like today) and in the event of inclement weather, we have first dibs on the shelter!

It was our last outside job of the year. We’ve got another couple of concerts in the pipeline then we start to concentrate on the Big C. In the meantime, here’s a view of the band and the large crowd that were enjoying our performance. Thanks to everyone that turned up to listen, and a big thanks to our deps for the afternoon; we’ll be paying the favours back soon!

Normanby Hall